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Information Technology has become an indispensable part of our day to day activities .Whether it is for the accomplishment of personal or business goals, it’s hard to imagine life today without it. We connect with friends and colleagues, we collaborate and work together on documents, we store and secure business data in safer locations, we keep important data files synchronized, we promote products and services via networks of programmed advertising systems and we do it all from our mobile devices and computers

Technology is increasingly driving the way businesses and organizations use tools to accomplish goals and objectives. Cloud-based technologies for data storage, data synchronization and business promotion have become pivotal strategies to increase productivity and deliver faster, better services to customers.

ixoDigital offers remote backup, data sync services and digital advertising solutions for businesses of all sizes. We offer affordable plans and packages that suit your budget and business requirements.


Advanced data synchronization techniques ensure your business data are securely synchronized


The most convenient, safe and cost-efficient fully managed backup system to preserve and secure your important data

Digital Signage

Cost-effective and easy strategy to help increase consumer engagement and maximize your advertising investment


Keeps your business data securely synchronized


Quick and easy offsite backup solution for your business data

ixoSigns - Digital Signage

Increase consumer engagement via Digital Signage


Register or transfer domain to a trusted name

ixoCloud - Websites

Secure and reliable hosting that grows with your business


Access your Email from anywhere using your smartphone, webmail or your favorite email client!

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