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    Document management and collaboration has never been easier with Sharepoint
    UNLIMITED Bandwidth & Massive Storage
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Move your office to the cloud today with ixoDigital’s SharePoint Hosting!

Need to work with your team virtually at the same time or share data and information with all of your employees across different locations or maybe, there is a need to create a site or an app for your team? No problem. Here at ixoDigital, you can do all these and so much more with SharePoint Cloud Solution.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is more than just a software program, it is a feature-rich platform for different kinds of functional programs that allow users to organize projects and teams, share and work on a single document, build apps and sites as well as discover useful information that can help people make better business decisions.

SharePoint is Microsoft’s popular collaboration platform that offers a variety of productive capabilities which allow users from remote locations to work together and achieve productivity with the same level of coordination as a company with employees working out of a single office.

Why opt for SharePoint Hosting?

Licensing, in-house servers and an IT management team- these are just some of the costs associated with an on premise deployment of SharePoint. SharePoint Hosting eliminates the need to deploy more resources for running the program within your organization. This makes SharePoint Hosting a flexible and cost-effective solution to tie all of your employees PCs and mobile devices together.

Technical Specifications

UNLIMITED Bandwidth & Massive Storage

Superior networking ability with large space for data files

99.9% Uptime Guarantee and 24/7 Unlimited Client Support

Real time server status monitoring and endless customer care

Fully Managed via Secured Servers

We provide the most comprehensive management and support which allow you to make the program work in a way that's best for you

Our SharePoint Hosting Service is coming soon

While we prepare our SharePoint Hosting automation we are still able to facilitate services to suit your budget and business requirements.

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