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Make sure your website is safe and always online.

Better security

Problem: Hackers attempt to hijack your site and steal customer data.

Hijacking is a risk with all DNS systems around the world. It's a common way for hackers to steal private information. When a customer types in your Web address, the hacker interrupts the DNS lookup process and sends the user to a fake and malicious site that may look like your website.

Solution: Premium DNS (enabled with DNSSEC) creates an unbreakable "chain of trust" between the visitor's browser and your server, verifying that the visitor is actually arriving at your website.

Problem: Keep all Web exchanges private.

Another way hackers steal credit card numbers and other sensitive information is through "eavesdropping." Hackers sit on the DNS server and "listen in" on messages, logins and passwords as customers access your site.

Solution: By verifying the visitor is at the intended website, Premium DNS shuts eavesdropping down.

Faster performance

Problem: Visitors experience delays or "time outs" trying to reach your site.

There's a lot riding on the physical distance between your visitors and your server. Customers who live far away may experience a delay in reaching your site or even get a "website not found" error message. The more cable between your server and your customer's computer, the longer it takes for them to reach your site.

Solution: The Premium DNS infrastructure offers improved security and faster resolution than the standard infrastructure. And since your information is distributed across DNS servers around the world, customers connect to the closest server location for a quicker response.

Greater reliability

Problem: "Website not found" errors cause you to lose visitors and sales.

It's never good when users get a "website not found" error. At best, they think you're unprofessional; at worst, they think you don't exist.

Solution: Premium DNS makes sure your site is always available by using the Anycast global network, which provides multiple layers of redundancy. Your DNS records are distributed on servers throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia, so if one server should go down, your website will still be online. With unlimited secondary DNS, you always have a failsafe in case of a major outage.

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